About Us

The Paperhouse is a coffeehouse and bookstore that - in addition to offering genuine wood roasted coffee and thousands of books to choose from  - features office supplies, crafting and art materials, stationery, Melissa & Doug products and educational items.

We proudly serve Pull Caffé coffee and their famous Mocha Java blend, which is wood fired on the oldest coffee roaster in the world. 

Our espresso is hand-pulled on luxurious lever-operated Pull Espresso Machines that are handmade in the Pacific Northwest using genuine Italian parts.

The historic methods used to roast the beans combined with the quality craftsmanship of the machine, provides some of the best-tasting espresso around.

Our lovely children's section - filled with books for all reading levels; sturdy, wooden toys; puzzles; games; and a play area that includes a full-sized playhouse - is an absolute must-see when you're in town. 

The store was founded in 1981. Devon, the current owner, bought the business in 2007 from her parents, Dan and Cindy, becoming a third-generation owner. Devon's parents had bought the bookstore along with a weekly newspaper, The Gazette Record, in the 90s from Dan's parents, Robert and JoJane, who founded The Paperhouse. 

Devon grew up in St. Maries. She and her husband have five children. She studied journalism and worked at the local newspaper as a reporter, copy editor and in advertising sales. She enjoys reading and writing.

Tracey is the manager of The Paperhouse, and she and her husband have two children and have lived in St. Maries for a decade. Tracey worked at Michael Curry Design in the fiber arts department, constructing large-scale puppets for film and theater. Her creative talents are apparent as soon as you enter The Paperhouse. 

Aubree was born and raised in St. Maries and recently graduated from the University of Montana. Aubree loves to read and is particularly fond of murder-mystery books.

Jayne was also raised in St. Maries and is a senior at St. Maries High School. She is interested in enlisting in the Air Force after graduation. She enjoys reading and is a fantastic artist. 



822 Main Ave. St. Maries, ID 83861

Store Hours

Monday - Friday

9 a.m. - 5 p.m.


10 a.m. - 4 p.m.